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Logomansee - photo by Cara Tench 05.jpg



Street Dance Performance and Digital Projection. 25 mins.

Directed by Lauren Marsden

Performed and co-created by dancers Alyssa Amarshi and Sophia Gamboa of Her Tribal Roots.

Logo-man-see was first performed over three nights as part of the Shooting Gallery Performance Series at Left of Main, Vancouver BC. The live performance was presented to an audience in the form of a YouTube dance tutorial that taught five new street dance moves inspired by terms relating to the broader experience of cultural appropriation: EggshellsCodeswitchCulture VultureWhitewash, and Unsettled. Using humour, honesty, and stock image backdrops, Alyssa and Sophia presented urban dance instruction as a way to work through and raise issues relating to diverse cultural representation, identity, respect, appreciation, and the dangers of appropriation, all stemming from their own lived experiences. During the performance, each dance move was demonstrated physically and technically then prompting a live dialogue of their insights around the complexities of cultural respect.

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